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Reverse Words in a Sentence using VB.NET

Reverse Words in a Sentence using VB.NET

               This example explains how to get words by using delimiter ' ' and then reverse each word using String>reverse.
String.Split(new char{' '});//  Splits sentence  into an array words
String.Reverse  Reverses each word ,but returns IEnumerator<char> need to convert it into an Array of char. then re-create String with Array of characters.
Shared  Sub ReverseWordsInString()
          Dim original As String = "But,in a larger sense,we can not dedicate - 1
not consecrate = not consecrate - 1
          String()words=original.Split(New Char()
              " "c
          Dim i As Integer
          For  i = 0 To  words.Length- 1  Step i + 1
              Char()cWords = words(i).Reverse().ToArray()
              words(i) = New String(cWords)

          Dim word As String
          For Each word In words

        original=String.Join(" ", words)

 End Sub
String.Join static function joins by array of words into a String. 
Note: We used same delimiter for splitting and joining words.


Input:But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate-- we can
not consecrate-- we can not hallow-- this ground.
Output:,tuB ni a regral ,esnes ew nac ton --etacided ew ton
nac --etarcesnoc ew nac ton --wollah siht .dnuorg
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