Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Model First in Entity Framework 5

Model First in Entity Framework 5

Step1)  Create a Console Project
Step 2) Add  New Item  --> select "√ĄDO.NET Entity Framework" and name it as Hotel.edmx
Step 3)   Select Empty model , because you are going to generate SQL Tables based on Entities(Model First) you are going to create in step 4

Step 4) Add Entity from Toolbox  as shown below, Name it as Hotels

Step 5)   Right click on Edmx file
                  select Generate Database from Model... option

 Step 7)  Enter Database details with username & password/select windows authentication
              Select Existing database or Create new database using sqlcmd/Sql Management Studio.
  Note: Database name should exist.

Step 8)  Choose your database connection

Step 9)  Generate Database wizard with ur entity DDL commands
as shown below

Step 10)  Build the Project
Step 11)  Execute Hotel.edmx.sql  
Step 12)  Now Goto Sql server  and check DB Table corresponding to Hotel Entity created on selected database(Step 7)

Step 13) Open Hotel.Context.cs file
                You will find   DBcontext derived class with  HotelContainer

Step 14)  Open Program.cs file
                  Add following code

namespace ConsoleApplication2
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)

            HotelContainer context1 = new HotelContainer();
            context1.Hotels.Add(new Hotels
                 HotelName="mariott hotels",
                  Address="450 north mathilda",

            context1.SaveChanges();//save changes to database

            //Get hotel details from Database
            foreach (Hotels hotel in context1.Hotels)


Step 15) Output