Saturday, 5 May 2012

Arrays in C#

Arrays -- Store homogeneous data types. memory is allocated in continuous memory blocks
C# supports , single, multiple, jagged arrays.

Arrays can contain all value types & all reference types.
Value types are default initialized .(for ex: int & enum with 0 etc.,)
Reference types default initialized with null.

Single array:
         int[] arr = {1,2,3};  //single dimension array with 3 elements indexed with 0,initialized with values 1,2,3 .
          int[] arr2=new int[3]; //another syntax array with 3 elements indexed with 0, initialized with default value 0 for all elements.

Multiple Arrays

       int [,] marray=new int[2,2];

all elements in this array initialized with int default values . i.e 0.

for(int  i=0; i < i < marray.Get(0);i++)
    for(int j=0; j < marray.Get(1);j++)
            marray[i,j]= i+(j*10);

Jagged Arrays
  Arrays of Arrays. Each Arrays elements point to an Array.
int [][] jarray = new int[2][2];
It has 2 elements each one point to another Single dimensional array.

syntax 2
int[][,] jarray2 = new int [3][,]
jarray2 has elements each one point to one multi-dimensional array.